Join our adventure in The Kingdom of Tonga

Tongan Culture and Travel


I wish I could say that I had written this guide because it is full of insight into daily life here in Tonga. It was written by a Peace Corps Volunteer that was here in Ha’apai, Tonga from 2002 – 2004 and his name is Mike. If you are coming to Tonga in a future PCT group and you find this page, read it. Also read our packing guide on the what to bring page.

Mikes Account of Tongan Culture

Ha’apai Travel:

Travel to Ha’apai and you will need to know some information about how to get here and where to stay when you arrive. Note to the wise, bring cash and if you are American, no they don’t take the American Dollar or your debit card. Also buy the latest lonely planet guide.

Angeleyes Website

Frommers Guide

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  Marcel wrote @

I am heading to Tonga this weekend and would love to be able to hook up with some of you while I’m there!

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