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Explanation of this Website

Hello!! Thanks for visiting our blog about our Peace Corps experience in Tonga. We have had some complaints about the blog being too complicated.  In order to help with the confusion, we have created this default page to give a bit of an explanation.

The first column is what you are currently reading. This column is the only component that will change in your navigation of this page.

Column two starts with “Site Navigation” at the top and the green choices are pages that will give you various information about us. You can click on each one to find out more information. Beneath the pages you will find, starting with “Environmental” all of our blogroll. These are links to websites we find interesting.


About us and this blog : A short blurb about us

Latest News: This is where you will find our latest blog postings/journal entries!!!  Check back often!!

Pictures pages: Are the latest pictures of us

Travel Log: This page is a short blurb about when and where we have traveled.

What we are reading: Exactly what it says, because there is a lot of time in Tonga to read.

Explanation of this Website: What you are reading now

Peace Corps History/The Kingdom of Tonga: Pages that you will find a useful primer to these two subjects

Recommendations to Future Volunteers: This page details various suggestions of what you should pack and what to expect when you arrive here in Tonga.

Column 3 is where you will find our: Disclaimer, Calendar, and Movies that we post.

Column 4 is the Column in which you have our: hit counter, address here in Tonga, infrequently updated pictures of us, our online contact information and a place at the bottom where if you see us online you can text us from the widget.


  Mom in Mt. Pleasant wrote @

Just finished the New Column One. It did take me awhile to navigate the site, but I knew to click on Latest News. Glad to see so many people are reading it! Love You!

  Peggy wrote @


I am a PCV nominee and have been told I will be sent to the South Pacific in September, once all the physical/dental stuff is completed.

Although the exact country is still a secret, my assignment will be (supposedly) Primary Teacher Training.

I enjoyed your blog…found through typing PCV in Tonga into my browser…amazing technology!

Are you from Michigan? Noted someone’s Mom is from Mt. Pleasant…I am originally from Muskegon and worked in Virginia for years in gov’t work and as adjunct faculty in Early Childhood Ed. at a community college.

Totally appreciate what you have written and found the lists of suggested items very helpful for someone heading into the PC.



  Betsy Thomas wrote @



  Sylvia Tiltges wrote @

To Tonga volunteers – I am an RPCV Tonga 1996-1998 and willbe travelling to Tonga on August 25. Its short notice for you all but I’d like to bring some items for volunteers such as candies, school supplies, stuff that will fit in our luggage. Please e-mail me at and advise me of someone who can be a contact person and how that person can be reached when we arrive in Nuku’alofa. We wil be staying at Sela’s during our stay. Hope to hear from you all soon!
Sylvia Tiltges

  Ryan Manning wrote @

I’m definitley jealous, that you got to cruise around and see alll the sights that normal people don’t get to see!!! Be safe my friend,you’re my bro & always will be!!! I wish you the best!!! I hope sometime we can actually chat and see each other again!! Whether it be in Cookeville or somewhere else!! Until then my friend take care and, God Bless!!! You Partying??????????

You’re favorite Bert,

  Brian Dolphin wrote @

Hey F. Scot –

Just read 2 books you may be interested in. About a dude that quit his 9-5, packed up his stuff and headed to the South Pacific for 2 years. (Tarawan). The author’s name is J. Maarten Troost. Check him out.

Hope all is well,


  Tim Fennell wrote @

Hey F. Scot and Karen!

Just spoke with Geoff. Reminded me to contact you and say “hi” and wish all is well. Going as usual here with VA and the docs we are working on. Darn, I need to set some time aside to look at all this info. I’ll do it, I promise.

Take care,


  VA wrote @

Hi Guys,

I have been thinking about you two lately. Bad at writing – good at thinking. I hope that you are well. Here I go to write you a quick note and find that Tim has weighed in with the latest email about life here at CofC. We had a great trip to Cuba for our upcoming doc. Doug and Mal are doing fine. Doug is in DC this week with students and Mal is in South Florida with ATT. Miss you. Take care.

  Christina & Jack wrote @

Hi Scot & Karen-
I’m sorry it took me so long. But I finally looked up the blog to post a note. I hope you enjoyed the rest of your trip in New Zealand. We ended up following you guys to Wellington the same day. What a “ferry” ride that was. I totally got sick. We headed to Lake Taupo/Tongaririo area. Very beautiful and relaxing. Spend are last 4 days in Tairua & Ha Hei Beach on the Coromandel Peninsula before heading to Vanuatu. Coromandel wasn’t that warm and it was pretty cloudy most of the time. So we were glad to make a stop in Vanuatu to feel the warmth of the sun. Just the right stop before heading back home to San Francisco.

Jack and I really enjoyed hanging out with both of you in Nelson. We hope the rest of your trip went well. I hope you are both refreshed and healthy on your return to Tonga. Jack still can’t believe the stories of the centipedes.

We are getting back into the swing of work and regular life. Still trying to get caught up on Lost episodes. Just when you think it can’t get anymore bizarre it does.

We’d love to see you again. Let us know if you make it to the San Francisco Bay Area after your assignment is over. You’ll always have a place to stay.

Be Safe,
Christina & Jack

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