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Renewables all over Tonga

Well my main position here at the Ministry has always been IT, but since Lara’s departure, I was able to transition over to GIS. It’s a great time and I really enjoy working with Richard, Seli, Leilika, and Maka. We have a good time and I have actually felt like I have had things to contribute as well as learning a great deal from them! I just finished writing a guide on mapping the seismic data from Geology for the past number of years. It’s good fun!

I am also working with my IT counterpart, Vinod, and a new Energy Planner, Lano, on biofuel initiatives here in Tonga. It’s really exciting because these guys are really excited about the potentials here. In just few weeks, with Lano’s navigation of the culture and extreme enthusiasm and some background work I have done, we have been able to identify some real potential for reinvigorating the copra economy here in Tonga! We have also identified some people doing some really interesting things with grid tie solar systems as well as experimenting with gassification of wood systems! We have also gotten approval to install a two tank straight vegetable oil system in a Ministry truck!

BYU reactor from 2006, still being used! They are out of chemicals at the moment.

The Product line they are creating! The second from the left is the washed biodiesel.

Here is the couple and their tractor they have been using their homebrew in!

Here is Murray with his Solar grid tie system!



Here is Murray’s new project, his gassification of wood unit!

Here is the truck we are going to covert to a 2 tank SVO(straight veggie oil) system!

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