Join our adventure in The Kingdom of Tonga

Back to Reality…

Well, our New Zealand trip is completed. The weather started clouding over, so we left the hiking trails and headed in for some city life. We had a beautiful view of the harbor and mountains from our room in the capital city of Wellington, but it wasn’t entirely restful because someone pulled the fire alarm in the middle of the night! All the guests had to trek down multiple flights of stairs and stand out in the cold until the fire department cleared the building. Despite that, we did really enjoy Wellington. It has sort of a San Francisco vibe to it. The botanical gardens were amazing and it culminated a really lovely trip. We will update a slide show with more pictures, but I wanted to go ahead and post just a few of my favorites… See below! Now we are back in Tonga. It took a few hours to get re-adjusted. I shrieked at the multitudes of ants and wanted to throw a temper tantrum, remembering that our toilet barely flushes. The following day I walked about two miles to buy an $18 jar of Jif peanut butter. But oddly enough, all of that seems about normal now. The ubiquitous lizard poop, the all hour crowing roosters, the ice cold showers… we are definitely back in Tonga:)



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