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Archive for March 26, 2009

Hello from South Island!

We flew into Christchurch and had a great visit with our friend Justin! He’s a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer from Tonga, who has resettled in NZ. Christchurch had great food, great beers, and lots of shopping. It is a beautiful city, with a huge amount of green space, large side walks, intricate architecture, etc. We loved it!! Then we rented a car and headed off to Lake Tekapo. We spent the day hiking Mt. Johns Summit, gazing at the surreal, turqoise blue lake below us and the massive snow capped mountains surrounding us. We are staying in a little cabin by the lake, and it is truly heavenly!! Tomorrow we will head to Mt. Cook. We’ll write some longer blog posts and upload photos when we get a chance! We are just really thankful to have the opportunity to visit this corner of the globe.