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Archive for March 22, 2009

If you are coming to New Zealand, declare your tent

Well our flight was delayed until the afternoon of the 21st, which was fine because we got a good night’s sleep and got a ride with Peace Corps to the airport.

Air New Zealand is awesome.  They have these killer little personal entertainment devices in the back of each seat and you can watch TV, Movies, and listen to Music!  In fact it is so distracting/entertaining that when they hand out the declaration for landing in New Zealand it will make you totally look past “tent” in the declaration statements.

I mean you look at it and see “Tent”, it’s between  “microbial contaigens” and “bizzare chinese delicacy”.  At any rate there was a lovely German fellow, I say this scarcastically, who took the tent off to a room and then told us to wait by a door so they could sift through the possible destructive things I had brought with the tent (introduced species are awful I know.. just look at Australia).  He later walked out and said ominiously, “This does not look good for you, it looks like you will be facing a $200 fine.”  Later a woman emerged with a dustpan full of leaves, dirt, bugs, etc (the last I had this tent unpacked it hung on a line drying, in Vava’u at James and Steves houses).  So I was a bit skeptical, but we accepted irresponsiblity and stupidity and she let us go after a thorough talking to.  Honestly, the one thing that I think got us out of the fine and losing our tent was that Peace Corps was on our occupation on the declaration statement.  She mentioned it multiple times.

Karen got a cold right before we left and then I got it Saturday, and we have been sick all weekend.  So we haven’t gotten much acomplished here in Auckland.  But we’ve had some delicious miso soup and sushi and saw a couple of movies.  Of course, the hot showers are fantastic!  We fly to Christchurch tonight.

Check back later for more….