Join our adventure in The Kingdom of Tonga

Nothing new really.

Well what has happened since our last post….???

We made it through another Peace Corps training (MST), which could be described as similar to teeth pulling or watching grass grow or some combination of the two.  I did make a few good contacts though.

We got a cat.  He/she was really cute and we were feeding it for about a week and a half.  Then the neighbors took her and locked her inside all day.  Which seems to be the typical sort of Tongan activity at this point.  These are the same people who wash dishes and clothes in the middle of the night (between 12 and 2) right behind our bedroom window because our water tank is there.  As well it seems they might be vampires because they sleep through the heat of the day and then stay up all night partying, washing things, slamming doors, yelling at each other, smoking cigarettes and whispering sweet nothings to each other next to our house, and stealing cats, etc.  One nice thing is that it is easily explainable away as “the Tongan way”.  There, problem solved.  No worries, go back to sleep.

On a lighter note.   Both of our jobs are going well.  Karen is teaching English to Form 5 and 6 English (which is like grade 11 and 12  in the states) and Form 5 Geography which she is liking much better than last years Form 1 and 2.  The kids seem to be much more mature and willing to learn, which good times for everyone.  Unfortunately she got really sick last week and spent a few  days in the Peace Corps medical office, but she is getting better now.  We’ll find out today what it is/was.

My job is also much better.  I am working with various parts of the ministry now and not only doing some IT work, but also hoping to do some biofuels demonstrations/initiatives for Tonga.  We will see.  I can only imagine how far I’d be along with some of the things I am working on if we had been placed here in Tongatapu from the beginning of service.  I guess I can only be thankful that we are here now.

Not much else is new, but we are planning a trip to New Zealand soon.

We hope everyone is doing well!


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