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Time to Vote!

Today the emotions of it all really hit me.  For anyone who has read previous blog entries, talked to me in person or over the phone, visited my facebook page, or read emails from me– you know that I have been completely consumed with the U.S. Presidential election.  As I read an email from my mom today, describing her incredible “Get Out the Vote” efforts (almost 200 phone calls to voters in swing states, volunteering all day on election day, continual canvassing, etc, etc) I burst into tears.  I am so honored to serve my country as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer.  I just wish that right now, I could be on the ground, giving every ounce of my energy to this election.  I guess the reality is that my incessant online activism, the numerous letters to the editor, the campaign donations we could afford, and my absentee ballot will have to suffice.  The reality is that I have ate, slept, and breathed this election, even from thousands of miles away.  I cannot even begin to describe the pride and ecstatic joy I will feel when American citizens elect Barack Obama as the next President of the United States.  So all the way from Tonga, I am asking you to help make it happen.  Our nation deserves far better than what we have encountered over the last eight years.  If you haven’t already, go to and find out how you can help volunteer during this final stretch.  Although the polls look good, they have been wrong before.  The election is still critical in swing states.  You can call voters from the comforts of your own home, and the Obama campaign will walk you through the process.  I ask you to vote on Nov. 4 for Obama, and to do everything in your power to help him get elected. Will he be a perfect President?!  Of course not.  There is no such thing.  Yet I am confident that he will work tirelessly to restore our economy.  The lies and smears against him have been vicious, but the reality is that 95% of Americans will receive a much-need tax break under his plan.  His educational policy includes raising teacher salaries, which is imperative for the success of our educational system.  His administration will restore diplomacy with our allies and the respect we have lost during the Bush administration.  The Obama/Biden team will continue the incredibly important work started by Joe Biden with the “Violence of Women Act,” thus ensuring that our nation offers protection and safety for future generations of women who desperately need it.  The reasons to support Obama for President go on and on.  Cast your vote for a better healthcare system and an energy policy that is sustainable and creates jobs. Now is the time to make history.


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