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A Brief Update and Education Need Request!

Well, we are starting to settle in to our new little home (and life!) in Nuku’alofa.  As I mentioned earlier, I am teaching high school at Tupou High School, in Vaolola.  My schedule includes a World Geography course, in addition to English classes.  As I started reviewing the syllabus for the Geography course, I was stunned to see that the first six weeks of the term are all about the solar system!  I have no idea how this topic got included in “World Geography,” but I guess that is besides the point.  Anyway, there are about two books in the school library (written in the mid 1960’s) on the topic, and school does not have access to the internet.  That is such a bummer, because the NASA website alone is full of amazing multi-media resources.  However– if I received one in the mail, I could show a dvd to the class on my lap-top.  If you happen to run across any interesting materials on space exploration, they would make a fantastic donation to the school!  After the solar system unit, we will cover the more traditional “World Geography” topics.  Yet there is a noticeable absence of a world map in the classroom.  Since I have no idea how to teach Geography without a world map (and I donated the one we had to the school in Ha’apai), I am also hoping that one will magically appear in my mailbox:)  Below is one of my favorite pictures of my Class Six students in Ha’apai.  Aren’t they cuties:)

The best students ever!

The best students ever!

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