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Amazing Day

So, I got to the airport around 8 yesterday and was fine sitting there until 11:30 when the plane arrived, but just before a dog ran out onto the runway and was lackadaisically wandering about.  A couple of guys went out running after it and within just a few moments the plane landed, just missing the hungry hound.  It’s something you don’t see often and a nice change from the norm.

The takeoff was fast and there were only 3 of us onboard with the two pilots.  Within 3 minutes they started circiling just a few hundred feet off the water.  I never saw the whales they apparently did because I was too busy trying not to get sick all over the place from the dardevil acrobatics.

I waited for sometime at the airport for a ride and arrived at home quite happy to see my Kalini.  We did some unpacking and wandering around our new home and neighborhood.  It was nice to see after thinking about our new place for so long.

Yesterday being July 4th, there was a nice party at our directors house.  It commemorated more than the U.S. independance, but also the completion of Director Cornish’s house, his birthday, and the end of COS for group 71.  It was a great time!!  I wish more volunteers could have been there!

Today I got up early and managed to get my Mac working with parts I had sent from home, but sent here to Nuku’alofa instead of Ha’apai because we knew we were moving here anyway.  We have spent the afternoon shopping for all the great foodstuffs that are just unavaliable in Ha’apai like sesame oil, and nice veggies at the market.  It’s amazing to be here and expect many more posts to come because we now have bandwidth!!

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