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The Southern Cross and Scorpio…

So our brief New Zealand holiday ended.  We saw the glow worms of Waitomo Caves, the beautiful New Zealand countryside, and feasted on “palangi food.”  But all good things must come to an end…  Even though we were only gone for a week, returning to Ha’apai required some adjustment.  For some reason, we hadn’t missed the all night dog fights, the 4 am rooster crowing, and the 5 am church bells!  But slowly we’ve adjusted back to the routine of life here.  Scot and I are co-teaching computer classes for 9-12 year olds, which has been a lot of fun.  Many of the kids have never used a computer (or seen a tv for that matter,) so the computer and the interactive educational software we are using are enormously entertaining and educational.  I think it also helps diverse learners master math and English concepts in a fun way….  If you are interested in donating additional educational software- let me know!  There is no doubt that the Ha’apai islands have a slow, quiet pace of life.  Yet I cannot deny that the skies are utterly amazing.  When we walk around at night, we rarely need a flashlight because the moon and stars are so bright.  For the first time, I located the Southern Cross and Scorpio constellations.  I guess they are visible reminders of how far we’ve traveled:)


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  Roger Reed wrote @

Scot, Karen

I have read your experiences in Tonga with great interest. I’m going to be there for the coronation, I arrive July 31 until August 12 along with some other RPCVs. I’m trying to find out if I can arrange a side trip to Kao and Tofua. I know you can’t go there but I might be able to make it. It is interesting to find out what has changed and what has not. The Olovaha is still in service! I got seasick on the Olovaha on my way up to Ha’apai in 1981 or so. You said some of the swearing in pictures from the late 70’s were quite funny-did you happen to see the swearing in picture from Tonga 23? January 19, 1979.. I’d like a copy of that picture if it is there, I don’t have one.

Nofo a e

Roger Reed

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