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New Zealand part 1

We landed in New Zealand around 2:15am in Tuesday and made it into bed around 4:30am at our Hotel. The hotel room is extremely small, but for some reason it just doesn’t matter. A hot shower and a comfy bed  goes a long way!  Prices here are very expensive compared to the States. Keep in mind that the US to NZ dollar is currently about 1 to 1.35 or so. Example, your average paperback book ranges between $25 and $35 NZ. Food isn’t too expensive, but when your eating 4 times a day it can be. The restaurant choices are incredible.  We are loving some city life!!! Auckand is just a really beautiful area, surrounded by water and volcanoes.  It is an incredibly international city, with over 100 enthnicities living in the area.  Tonight we are going to a comedy show performance, and we are spending the day at the Auckland Museum.  The Maori artifacts are really amazing.  It’s going to be hard to go back to Ha’apai.

We have only been to Auckland so far, but we are going to Rotorua later in the week.

A funny experience last night is how different movies are here. Depending on what movie you are seeing at what time it costs different amounts, you can bring in food and drinks from other places, and there are assigned seats. We ended up seeing Iron Man, big mistake.

I feel like I need to do a post on how terrible Iron Man was a later date after I calm down.

Check back later for more.


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