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IST in retrospect

Well, looking back at IST. It was interesting, but at the time it felt like we were back in training. Karen and I flew into Nuku’alofa early so Stan and I could work on the computers we were going to use for classes on basic computer troubleshooting and develop the class powerpoints. It didn’t go as planned, but it seems that nothing ever does. The computers needed quite a bit of work and we couldn’t get in to work on them most of the time we were there because of a PC conference going on in the room they were in. By the time we got them into the room that we were giving the class in we have very little time to get them working and of course some failed in the class. None-the-less its over and we were glad.

We got moved from Sela’s guest house to Friendly Islander hotel for HILT, which stands for high intensity language training. Friendly Islander turned out to be highly intense, but for a different reason alltogether. After moving in on Friday afternoon we went to dinner, and on arriving back to the hotel, James noticed that some of his things were missing as well as some of Steve’s (as it turned out alot of Steve’s). The police ended up coming and fingerprinting and told our security officer that the fale had been broken into 3 times in the not too distant past, which concerned us PCV’s and why we were staying there. As they were investigating we noticed that our keys could open any of the doors, meaning anyone with one of these keys could open any doors and get into our rooms with us there or not. PC was concerned, but not enough to move us until the morning. Creepily, Karen and I received a call about 5:30am from John stating that he had just been robbed at knife point in his bed and the guys had stolen his backpack with numerous important things and “squirmed out the window like a rat”. This concerned PC to the point that we were moved the next morning and it subsequently damaged HILT. This was a very large blow to the group morale for our sense of security had been stolen too. Four or more people had things stolen inside or out of there houses equaling thousands of dollars stolen as well as our sense of safety. It was a real bummer.

We ended up finishing on Monday and for whatever reason our talking chief of Ta’anea, John, decided to ET, or early terminate. He will definitely be missed for his humor and tales.

Karen and I caught our plane on time on Monday night at midnight for Auckland.


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