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A much needed change of scenery…

For the first time since December, Scot and I have left our little island of Ha’apai.  At first we had a few fears originating from the tv show “Lost,” that maybe the island wouldn’t “let us leave.” *Lost fans know what I’m talking about…. Yet our flight took off with no problems and we are now in the capital city of Nuku’alofa!  Being on Ha’apai can often be quite isolating, and I honestly forgot that we had such a great community of friends scattered amongst the islands of Tonga.  We had a fantastic dinner with several other volunteers, and just caught up on life over the past few months.  I do have to say that walking into the grocery store and the market was an overwhelming and quite frankly– emotional experience.  I certainly expect to see the abundance of food and produce on our upcoming trip to New Zealand, but I wasn’t prepared to see the plethora of food, fresh veggies, and supplies available to the volunteers living on the main island.  In so many ways, Ha’apai is just a different world.  When we first arrived in Tonga, I thought that Nuku’alofa looked like this shabby, run down town.  This time here, it honestly looks like a clean, lovely cosmopolitan city– just bursting with commerce.  Ahh, how perspectives change with time.  But then last night over dinner, a PC staff who served in one of the most remote outer islands in all of Tonga (in the Niuas, about 10 years ago) shared some about her experience.  Her accounts of peeing in a can, no running water and having to walk an hour to wash clothes in a lake demonstrates the huge spectrum of variety in the Peace Corps experience.  Anyway, for now I am LOVING the warm showers, the brightly colored fruits and veggies in the market, internet that works, and catching up with friends we haven’t seen in months.  We are actually in town for a Peace Corps conference and a high intensive language training, and then we finally fly to our much anticipated vacation in New Zealand!  Now that we have better access to the internet, we will try and keep the blog more updated:)


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