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A many thanks… everyone!!!

Well it’s just absolutely amazing how much people here in Tonga and our friends and family back home back have done for us! I’m not even sure where to start!

Yesterday we received about 2 months worth of mail, which equated to about 9 packages from here in Tonga and back home. It took anywhere from 6 weeks to 2 weeks for the packages to get to us. It seems like the packages actually get to Tonga fairly quickly from the US, but get tied up in Tongatapu with the mail system or they wait to send a full bin of mail to Ha’apai. In our case this past time the mail came here, but they didn’t unload it they took it to the Niu’as (which happens to be about a 25-35 hour boat ride from here) and then they brought it back this week. So anyway we would have had mail about a week and a half ago, but….

So you will be receiving proper thanks personally from Karen and I, but we wanted to give you mad props on our blog too. So here’s the list in no particular order.

Mary, Bill and Kris, Elizabeth, Stef, Mom and Dad, Elaine, Trenton and Lara, Kiki, and Katie and Andrew (we miss you), Doug and Cheryl Fitzgerald, and Adam Hecktman! Thanks you guys, it was great to get all the goodies!!

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