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Just a little update…

Hi everyone!  I’m sorry that we haven’t written in awhile..  Life has been very slow and quiet in Ha’apai, and we haven’t had internet access for several days!  But we wanted to let everyone know that all is well with us.  Scot has made a full recovery from dengue fever, thank goodness!  We are slowly getting adjusted to our new lives here.  Honestly, there is not much to report as of now.  I start work (teaching at the Government Primary School)  next week.  I am really looking forward to beginning this endeavor.  I am in the process of designing some HIV/Aids education workshops, in conjunction with the Ha’apai Red Cross.  Considering the cultural and religious norms of Tonga, it seems as if it will be quite a challenge.  Also, I have learned that there is no access to HIV/Aids testing in the entire Kingdom of Tonga.  As we learned during Scot’s time in the hospital, health care technology is sadly severely lacking here.

 Ha’apai is beautiful as always, but we are in the midst of cyclone season.  There have not been any major storms as of yet, but the winds and rains have been fierce!  Scot has started his work assignment, which is designing and setting up an internet cafe/computer training center. 

 Last week we met several members of the Tongan royal family, including two princesses.  They provided funding to the Ha’apai Red Cross for food and dried goods to be sent to the elderly living on remote, outer islands.  We helped some with sorting and packing up the goods.

 Other than that, island life is slow and quiet.  For entertainment, we are catching up on “Lost” episodes.  It seems like the perfect show to watch here.  Thank you Geoff:)  More to come later… and we still miss granola bars and magazines:)

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