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Archive for December 30, 2007

Happy New Year!

Well we are still settling into our new home here in Ha’apai. I am finally over my Dengue Fever (or as it was classified at the hospital, food poisoning). We took an overnight trip to Capitan Cook’s guest house on Uoleva for Christmas and stayed in the blue fale closest to the beach as the Lonely Planet suggested and it was awesome. Check out the pictures on Pictures 2007 page 2. It was a very international Christmas. There were Tongans, 5 of us Peace Corps, the JIKA Volunteers from Japan, the owners of Mariners who are from South Africa and Poland, and an Austrian guy who has been living here in Tonga for the past 12 years.

I start to work this week now that I am feeling better and Karen starts about 3 weeks from now. This is the usual summer/Christmas break for kids here. Karen is itching to get started, I guess she’s bored. She’s going to be teaching at a GPS (Government Primary School) here in Pangai, and hopes to integrate public health as a secondary project. I am going to be working for a place currently called Ha’apai Vocational Training Center setting up a computer lab and I hope to dedicate at least a computer or two to GIS and working with the Ministry of Lands, possibly even teaching a small class on GIS. I will eventually be in charge of teaching computer classes and maybe the development of an Internet Cafe.

We hope everyone is doing well and having a good holiday! We are on the international date line so we will be ringing in the New Year before just about everyone thats reading this blog!! So there. Please take care and email us!!