Join our adventure in The Kingdom of Tonga

It is official!

Well, our ten weeks of Peace Corps Training has come to an end, and we were successfully sworn in as Peace Corps Volunteers on December 13!  I have one word for Peace Corps training, and that word would be “intense.”  The past two and a half months were a whirlwind of language and culture training.  We lived with Tongan families and spent a large amount of time with the other 31 trainees.  There is no way for me to sum up our training experience on a hastily written blog post, but I will say that our time in Tonga has already been hilarious, emotional, frustrating, joyous, and a litany of other descriptive adjectives that are not coming to my mind at the moment.  We were both pleased with our scores on the language exam, and feel generally ready to head to Ha’apai!  We leave first thing tomorrow morning and will update the blog ASAP with more details about our new life there.  We have seen a couple of photos of (our very modest) home.  The bathroom and kitchen are outside (!), but it also looks like a beautiful mango tree is right outside the window as well.  Just a little bit of background on the “Swearing-In” photos, soon to be posted on our page.  The Peace Corps office has several photos of previous other volunteer teams here.  They span the last three decades, and several of the photos from the late 1970s are completely hilarious.  So… our training group was Group 73.  Several of our team decided that we would dress up more like Group 1973… If you are wondering why a group of guys have sleazy “Tom Selleck” mustaches and the ladies have Farrah Faucett  feathered hair, they were channeling the Peace Corps from back in the day!  Hope your holidays are going well.  We LOVE hearing from all of you:)


  mbfitzgerald wrote @

I’m very proud and love you both….Mom

  Bill wrote @

Dear Scot,
It appears as though you have gotten hotter and sexier during your training. Could you please set aside a vial of your musk and a lock of your hair for our future children?

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