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The latest in Vava’u Nov02

We have been in Vava’u for the past week.  The 33 PSTraineers have been separated into 3 different villages.  They are all located about 20 minutes from each other by walking, but this is still an adjustment for everyone having once been together in a cohesive group.  Vava’u is a hot spot for palangi (foreginer) travel especially from New Zealand and Australia.  Downtown Nieafu is full of restaurants, bars, and internet cafes in which I currently sit.  Unfortunately there isn’t much time to frequent these hot spots because we are spending so much time training.  We are typically in some form of language or culture training from 8am to 8pm.  It is often incredibly draining, but we know we are the better having gone through this training.  This past week Karen helped facilitate a session on rape and sexual assult, and next week she is co-facilitating a session on classroom management.  As is customary in Tongan culture, Karen is tryign to spend what little free time she has in the “falelalanga” or weaving hut,.  This is a community gathering point for women to weave and gossip and spend hours day and night weaving.  Tongans love to laugh and this is where many of the women laugh at each other, the men, and especially the Peace Corps Palangi.

Just in case your interested in helping us out at some point in our next two years, here are some ideas of what we could use: Letters, books, Karen:tampons, People Magazine, long skirts.  Bill n’ Kris could you send me some Golden Mountain in a month or two?

We are missing everyone and we hope you’re doing well.  This is a really tough time for everyone, very intense.   Keep checking back!!