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Archive for October 26, 2007

Everything cool at homestay 2

Well the boat ride was quite an experince.  It was a 1960’s model Japanese ferry boat, I call it “rustbucket class”.  We got on the boat late and ended up not getting a place in the Peace Corps room so we decided to make the 22 hour journey on the top deck under an underhang with Lara and Trenton, Joe and Cory,  Jason and Justin.  We were so lucky that it didn’t rain until when we were getting off the boat.  Karen, as many others, took dramomine and phenegan for seasickness.  I had the patch and eventually I took a phenegan to help me sleep.  It was a bit unnerveing where I was sitting becuase it was on the starboard side of the boat and as the boat rocked I’d look straight down into the water, startling me several times in the night.  Also we were heckled in the night with “mohe’a uli” and “Te mo lotu”,  “sleeping dirty” and “we need to pray” for sleeping next to our wives for warmth or so close together.  I also had the pleasure of someone stepping on me, presumably the guy who eventually yelled at us.  I’d guess this is a bit of the religious culture coming out.  It was a nice suprise when we found out that we were getting to Vava’u in 18 hours instead of 22.

We have arrived at our second homestay, where we will be until December 4th.  Our schedule has become less intense with formal Peace Corps training, but more intense on the language, which is good.  I think we are finally feeling a bit better about the Tongan language, but it is still very difficult.  Our group has been divided up into 3 groups with 11 in each of three towns (kolo).  Then we all meet back in one town 2 times a week.

Our internet access will be much more restricted because we will probably only be able to get to a computer on the weekends.  We miss you all and hope you’re doing well.