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Learning to weave, the Pacific Forum, etc, etc

Hi everyone!  Just wanted to send a little update… All is well in the island Kingdom of Tonga!  I taught my host sister how to use the internet, so we are making frequent stops to the village internet.  She is loving being online for the first time ever!  A large amount of Tongans live abroad.  Many are in Australia or New Zealand.  I have learned that there is a Tongan equivalent to My Space or Facebook… it is called Bebo, and my host sister has found all of her family living abroad online!  While I am teaching her internet, she is graciously teaching me the Tongan art of weaving (or lalanga). I am loving it!  Tonga is getting ready to host the Pacific Forum for the first time ever, and dignitaries from all over the world will be here for the event.  Peace Corps trainees have a meeting set up for this Wednesday with the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State!  He is actually a returned Peace Corps volunteer from Cameroon.  It should be interesting!  I can’t wait to update the blog with photos.  You will not believe the beauty and culture conveyed through the pictures… We just have to find a computer that we can upload the pictures onto… Anyway, thanks for all of your emails and comments.  We LOVE hearing from friends and family in the states:)

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  Sophie wrote @

Hi guys!!! I hope all is well and that you learn the language quickly:) Every one at ecmcs is talking about about you!!

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