Join our adventure in The Kingdom of Tonga

One week in Tonga!

Malo e lei lei ki he pongi pongi ni!  In case you are wondering, that is good morning in Tongan.  We have been here only one week, which is difficult for us to believe.  It feels like much longer in many ways!  We are currently in our Peace Corps training, in a small village in Tongatapu.  It is incredibly intensive, and we are in language and cultural lessons everyday from 8 am to 8 pm.  We are staying with a Tongan family, and they are incredibly hospitable and kind.  I am in awe of the cultural preservation of Tongan culture.  Men all wear skirts, called tapanus.  The women weave and paint gorgeous mats and rugs called tapas, made from local trees.  There is a great book called “Making Sense of Tonga.”  It was recently published by Mary M. McCoy and Siotame Drew Havea, and is a concise, colorful read about the culture.  It also includes fantastic photos.  If you are interested in learning more, see if you can find it on amazon!  We will post pics when we can… unfortunately it may be a while.  If you are interested in sending us goodies, fyi– I need long “hippie” skirts.  It is about the only thing culturally acceptable for women to wear!  We miss you all.

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  Scarlette Hartness wrote @

I just want you guys to know how Great it is to find your blog. I have a really good friend named Janis Martin who I think is in your group and because of this blog her family as well as myself can get an idea of what is going on in the Tonga. This blog is so well put together and I am sure your families must be loving this blog, because it is truly wonderful. I wish you guys all the success and happiness possible. Thank You again for letting others see how it is where you are at.

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