Join our adventure in The Kingdom of Tonga


First we wanted to say a special thanks to Sarah and Christian for hosting our goodbye party last week.  It was so great to see everyone!!

Well we got to LA yesterday and we are staying with Karen’s sister Anne.  It is beautiful here and the weather and temperature are perfect. Anne is showing us all around the waterfront and taking good care of us.  Karen’s a little under the weather with a small sinus infection she got in Tennessee. We went to dinner with Karen’s good friend Elizabeth, and her husband and child Kamyar, and Elham last night at a really cool Mexican restaurant in Manhattan Beach.

We got a letter this morning from our country director.  It explains what the rest of our year will be like up to a week or two before Christmas.  We have 2 different homestays, one close to the capital city of Nuku’alofa and another on the Island of Vava’u.  These will mostly consist of language training.  Karen and I will be placed in living conditions together, but we may not be placed together with our language training.  The first phase of homestay will be an 8 to 5 kind of day, and the second will be a 9 to 1 with homework and language learning activities.  Weekends will be mostly us getting to know our home families and other Peace Corps Volunteers.  I’ll update our coming days once we get to know our fellow PCV’s.

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