Join our adventure in The Kingdom of Tonga

Pack, move, unpack

Hello all,

We have successfully gotten our few belongings to my fathers house and gotten them organized.  We are finalizing our paperwork and getting the last of our packing completed and making sure we are underweight.  We are visiting with my folks and Karen’s father is coming tomorrow so it will be nice to see him too.  I was hoping I’d feel less stressed at this point, but it may be that I may not feel absolutely de-stressed until we are on the plane to Tonga.  One very nice thing happened today in that I went to arrange that my phone be shut off on Oct 7th, and they assured me that it would be, but guess what it was off by the time I got home.  So sorry to anyone that may have called or texted me, email may be the only way you can get me from here on.  We hope all is well and we miss everyone.

Thanks for the wonderful evening the other night Mike and Shannon!   Also thanks for everyone that attended our going away party, we miss all of you so much.



  John Rosen wrote @

Hey Scot & Kare Bear!

Hope you guys aren’t too stressed. I mean you are going to be in pretty much one of the most beatuiful places on Earth! Geolocially Great (Scot), and I’m sure a great place to begin writing a book about one’s adventures in life (Kare Bear). You guys are really an inspiration to an upcoming generation. In a time where many people turn there heads you two have combined to solve matters head on. I am honored to be have known both of you! I wish you the best of luck! Once you get back … “It’s Party Time!” -The great F-Scot.

Love you guys be careful,

John Rosen

P.S. I miss you sitting Naked in the middle of the couch drinking an entire pot of coffee Scot. And yes I hope everyone reads this comment to know that yes that actually happened MORE than once! I LOVE YOU! Keep hope alive LONG LIVE THE MAN CAVE!!!!!!

  Norm Levine wrote @

Have a great safe journey!!

We all will be wait to hear from you.

  Shannon and Mike wrote @

Scot and Karen,
We already miss you guys so much. We will think of you often and are looking forward to hearing about your adventure. We will send some pics soon of our wild party the other night: ) Some might have to be censored…you know what I mean Karen : )
Love you guys,
Mike and Shannon

  Silvey wrote @

This all sounds so exciting. I can’t really get my head around how intense it must be. Take care of yourselves and do good work. Michelle and I will be following along from Vol country (god help us).


  Stubbs wrote @

Oi! Im so extremely excited for you guys! You rock and I miss ya allready. Karen Im sorry I didnt get to know you better but you couldn’t have ended up with a better guy, Scott, we’ve had some adventures and Im glad to say we are both going to have more, stoked about reading future blogs guys!

PS<-this is what part of the alphabet would look like if Q and R were eliminated -mh

PPS-keep your eyes peeling for somebody that looks alot like me, except perhaps more tan with a logner beard, hangin out on the beach drinkin Kava and watching the sunset… you never know…

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