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Packing and Moving

Well, packing and moving are normally a gigantic pain.  Imagine though that you are getting rid of 80% of your current inventory of “stuff” and moving what little you have left home (500 miles away). All the while your trying to decide what to take with you.  “I’ll need that and that and that”, and then you realize you have 5 bags packed for Tonga.  Then a few short days later after moving “home” your on a plane to LA for staging.  I think then I’ll feel better, but damn is it stressful until then.  Setting up all the paperwork for Peace Corps, paying and canceling your utilities, getting rid of stuff and packing.  We can’t wait to be on our way.

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  Roger Reed wrote @

I was in Tonga 23 from 1978 to 1981. I would be glad for the chance to meet you at your LA staging and talk story and pass on what info I could. Email me at

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