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Fripp Island, SC

Wow, there are tame deer on the island and I petted their wet noses and furry horns. John made a scientific discovery in that they like white corn chips better than blue ones. Soon there will be a video, and pictures. We enjoyed ourselves with Allie, John, and Becky! Thanks Allie for having us!

Narrowly missed Dean

Well we are back from Cancun Mexico, as of Saturday night late.  It was a mad house getting out, and even though I’ve never been there before, Karen said she hasn’t seen  the airport that busy.  It was strange though with as many people leaving there were still people coming in.  The projected path of Dean takes the eye very close to Cancun.  Basically your a moron if you go get in the path of this storm, so we were glad to leave when we did.  We had a great time and no we didn’t go see Tulum or Chichen’Niza, we just sat on the beach and enjoyed the wonderful weather.  Check out the pictures and movie to come.

Schedule for departure

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September 28, 2007: leave for staging location in Las Angeles, Ca.

October 3, 2007 : leave for Tonga

Travel Before Leave

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Cancun, Mexico

Fripp Island, SC

Woodstock, NY

Cookeville, TN